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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Speaking of Politics . . .

My brief notice regarding things political reminded me that I have actually revealed my vote publicly in print at least once, though it was well after the fact. I was making a point about the election of Benedict XVI shortly after it happened, and dragged Bob Dole into it. Then, I was taking a bit of a risk in what I said. But three years later, it seems I was more or less on the right track. This is what I said:

I do think it’s somewhat shortsighted to expect that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger will handle the Papacy the same way he headed up the Congregation of the Doctrine for the Faith. I also think it shows little faith in the power of the Holy Spirit and the prayers of the mystical body of Christ to jump to the conclusion that his election is somehow the death knell for the Church or its engagement with the modern world. Pope Benedict is an intelligent man with a critical mind. He sees the complexity of things and is sensitive to the needs of the world, perhaps to a greater degree than his previous job allowed or betrayed.

If you want to know what Bob Dole had to do with all this, and Jon Stewart, for that matter, read the whole thing.